Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last day of the votings for the 2012 Petties

Friends, today is the last day of the votings in the 2012 Petties Awards. Perhaps I has mentioned that I, Reuben, has nominations for Funniest Blog or Blogger of the Year? I is a very modest kind of dog, so likely I no has. If you would like to support me, Reuben, on this very last day of votings, please do a clicking of the button below:
This is the button I was referring to earlier.
They no will announce the winners until September 7, which is about eleventy years away in Reuben years. So probably I will just go back to vigilant napping until Mama wakes me up for the award show. Seriously, they is having a awards show! Friends, I is up against 3 catses for the coveted title, and we all knows how I feels about catses. But in realities, those catses is much more established in their bloggings than me, Reuben, who only has done bloggings for less than one year. Which is like eleventy-hundred Reuben years, by the way. So I no is expecting a big win (although if I no was such a humble dog, I would say how much I totally deserves it and the judges should just give it to me based on my high level of adorableness). All jokings aside, I bears no ill wills to those catses and I has a great happy just for the nominations.

In other newses, I has been very growly and bitey in recent moments, Mama has a suspicious that my nine glorious tooths is hurting again and it maybe is time for more extractions. In an unrelated news story, Mama will take me to the organic Treats Factory on Thursday! She says it is very close to vet's office, but to no has a worry, for even though it might appear that we is going to vet, it no is true. Hatfield the orange kitty does has to go to vet though, for his thyroid test. Mama tolded him that they is going to the Fish Market; seriously how dumb is that kitty, hehehehehehehe!

sleepy orange cat
*Smartness is overrated anyway*

I no has written much about it yet, but I has been on the edge of my seats watching the amazing competings of the Blogville Olympicals. I has appeared in a few events myself and I has a great appreciation for Mayor Frankie and all the hosts for the time they spends to make this the best blog-related Olympicals there ever was!

dachshund ear flaps
I hopes the next Olympicals has an ear-flapping event


  1. Good luck on that Pettie, Reuben! We seriously hope you are not havin more toofie problems. We'll send pawsitive thoughts your way. xoxo

  2. You would definitely win an ear-flapping event!



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