Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In one half hour, I goes almost one block! Almost.

Mama has been extremely fussy on my walk this morning. She only could find one leash, so I gotted my very own walk, without even Gretchen pulling me along the whole time! She has freakishly long legs, in case I has not mentioned it before. 

My legs is the correct length.

Anyway, Mama no had much patience for the stately pace of my morning constitutionals. I no can see the big deal - in a half hour I went almost one whole block! Not around the block - I means one block. Almost. Some peoples is not having understands for the very important work I is always doing. So many dogs and other furry things walk through my neighborhood, and some of them does not realize that the whole neighborhood is MINE, especially the park. So I is tirelessly peeing over all their pees. 

Also, as I is a dog of advanced years and knowledges, sometimes my stout walk is interpreted as a "waddle." My friend Ralphie has pointed out to me that it is a very common mistake, and in some cases is also a mean thing that Gretchen writes on my dogblog when I is not looking. Truly, there is no end to my patiences in all of these things. What else Mama has to to today except take care of me? She has said something about "bank," "grocery store," "Christmas shopping," "dishes," "picking up Leah at school" - but I no pays much attentions to all that. 

Now that my walk is done, I goes back to vigilantly sleeping. I has a new project in the works: it is a guide to small and tiny dogs on how to be stoutly big and brave, like me. I is working very hard on it, so please come back and visit!

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